“Cassie is the real deal… Working with her is not only a pleasure but inspiring not only because of her amazing voice and talent, but because of the beautiful person she is. I would recommend her to anyone.”

– Matt Farnsworth
Voice Coach

“Cassie Silva’s star shines so bright that I have to wear sunglasses when I work with her! Cassie inspires me to be a the top of my game because she is always at the top of hers…and she is pretty darn sweet to boot!”

– Richard Hochberg
Acting Coach, Writer

“I am dazzled by Cassie’s powerful dancing. She’s beautiful and athletic and my eye always goes to where she’s performing. I also love her spunky, kooky personality. It’s a pleasure to greet such a fun personality in such a beautiful girl.”

– Michael Paternostro
Actor, Writer

“Cassie Silva is a pure delight. Her comedic timing and her magnetic charm infiltrate her every move and create characters so specific and so likable, you will find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat just so that you don’t miss a single moment. She is light and warmth in its purest form.”

– Alison Turner
Acting Teacher, Leslie Kahn & Co.

“Some actors sparkle. Some actors shine. Rarely, a brilliant performer sparkles, shines, and inspires. That’s Cassie Silva. Every time I see her sharing her gifts with the world, I’m inspired. I feel lit up and lifted up, which is what the best performances should create in those who consume them. Cassie’s work INSPIRES with a wink of sass!”

– Bonnie Gillespie
Cricket Feet Casting